I just threw this up on youtube, should work. Don’t mind the pause and the blue circle, that was the crazy announcer and his wild shananigans. Enjoy.

Nice clip velocityaddict

Thanks Wales

I made a GIF out of it.

xv awesome job. When I posted the vid I kind of hope someone would make a GIF out of it. Can I ask you, how do you do that? convert a vid to gif?

I use a program to download the vid, then I use another program to convert the vid to a gif. Then I used a GIF program to edit it.

Only *.AVI video format can be converted straight to GIF. If the vid is any other format, it must be converted to *.avi first.

If anyone has any requests for any particular pitcher just PM me.

How about capturing a DVD and turning into a GIF?

Check out this website Steven: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/sections/dvd-to-avi-divx-xvid

I’ve found some useful software there. I haven’t done any converting from DVD to AVI, yet though. There’s a number of free software you can choose from.