Zumaya and Verlanders front foot action

When they land, their front foot (toes) is not pointing the target, or is slighlty closed towards 3d base, its acctually open towards 1st base.

I didnt saw any other pitchers do that.

Do you guys find this weird?

that means they are a bit too open when they land but again, if you keep your shoulders closed al the way, it doesn’t really matter velocity wise, i think it as something do with control more than anything else. if your shoulders open up because of it, then that’s a problem and it might be a big one.

Everyone throws differently, and these two guys are able to get away with breaking the “rules”.

Generally you want to land with your toe pointed to your target, but if you’re repeating your stride, throwing strikes, at your peak potential velocity, and not feeling any pain, then it doesn’t matter so much how your front toe lands. If Zumaya or Verlander have issues with their control, for example, their pitching coach might look at their front toe as part of, or a symptom of, a problem. Otherwise, as long as they’re healthy and effective, there’s no reason to change it.

At the same time, for young pitchers who are still learning about mechanics and trying to repeat them, it’s better to try landing straight than trying to emulate what these guys are doing.