Zita, here's a teaching moment


I understand you dabbled in Sabermetrics at some point in time. Would you care to list your top 5 pitching metrics, and give a brief reason why you think they are the “best” from your perspective? The only restriction I’d put on it is, I’d like to be able to create that metric at any level, not just the ML, as would be true for Runs Created.

I was trying to get the perspective of a “pro”, but of course anyone is welcome to chime in.

Scorekeeper, I don’t know where you got the idea that I dabbled in sabermetrics. As a student I absolutely sucked at math of any kind other than simple arithmetic! My interest and involvement in the game was and has always been from the technical and strategic aspects, and when it comes to statistics and such I’ve always been concerned with what went into them. Sorry, bubala. 8)

This would be my fault Zita, I understood when you interviewed Mike Marshall that you were working for the Saber folks when you did that. :oops:

No problem, jd. When I interviewed Mike Marshall it was for a paper I was doing on pitching coaches—specifically for a subsection on oddballs, of which he certainly was (and is) one. My interest was in the different approaches each one had. I presented that paper a couple of years ago at a regional chapter meeting of SABR in Cleveland, and it was very well received. 8)

Not a problem! One of the things I’ve always tried to do, is to convince people how a metric is computed is nowhere near as important as what it shows, and you don’t have to be a mathematician to evaluate the worth of what it shows.

So my question still stands, and your answer will be valued no less I assure you. If you like, I’ll list my fav fiv, but I’d rather not “taint” anyone else’s thoughts. :wink: