Zita Carno?


Was just reading through some old discussions and came across a post by Zita Carno, and realized I haven’t seen her post here in a while. Looks like her last post was in October 2015. Anyone know anything?


I have been wondering that as well.
And Coach Baker…miss them both.


Zita is notorious for not having IT skills…if her PC took a dive, it could be a while before she returns to extoll the wonders of crossfire pitching (She must LOVE Jake Arrieta :slight_smile: ). Coach Baker, he was/has retired from posting a couple of times in the past, mostly when he gets into conflict with a poster. His eyes were bothering him for quite some time and his wonderful wife was writing many of his posts…so if John comes back…we should appreciate the moment…as we won’t get many more of him I’m afraid…


Thanks. Hope all is well with Zita and Coach Baker. LOL, I recall a conflict some time ago that Coach Baker had with someone over something. Don’t recall the matter, but I do recall writing in defense of Coach. :slight_smile:


Good info. I’m hoping the issues are as stated and not health related.


Not sure about Zita but Coach B has been slightly active in FB the last few days.


It was my impression that Zita was one of those who didn’t adapt to the new site software when that conversion was implemented.


Zita’s last post was in October 2015, after the changes to this site, which were in early 2015. Yes, time flies!


That’s exactly what happened, unfortunately. Miss her and Coach B. A few months back I read through hundreds of their old posts – could turn it into a book, honestly, the tips and advice they shared were that good.


The changes to this website took effect in January 2015. Zita made literally hundreds of posts after that change. Her last post was on October 18, 2015, many months after the changes to this website. See here. Doesn’t make sense that the changes have anything to do with it.


Ya know…John gave me permission to do just that about 2 yrs back


I recall a few years ago Zita taking an extended hiatus from the forum. Hopefully she’ll be back. She’s a great contributer with a lot to offer.