Zawrotny and Huff's new training release

Was wondering if anyone had picked up Zawrotny and Huff’s Diamond training secrets thing. I had looked long and hard at it, and want to buy it, was just curious if anyone had looked at it or purchased it.

They’re sales pitch is limited quantity’s and atleast 1/4 of what the say will be sold has already sold in the first 14 hours, so I’m not sure. Appears to be a solid deal. Huff even personally returned my call about a few questions on the program.

Just hoping someone can drop their 2 cents in.

Where are they from? Any Credentials that you know of, youve caught my curiosity.

Steve Zawrotny, MS, CSCS
Strength & Conditioning Advisor To The Lincoln
Saltdogs Minor League Baseball Team

Dan Huff (not sure about degrees)
head strength coach for NCAA Div. 1 Knights of Fairleigh Dickinson University

And it would appear there program charges like a monthly subscription per say. I’m interested but not sure

Thanks CF