Zambrano's No Hitter

You can find the video of all 27 outs of the no-no here :

Something I’d like to know, or discuss at the very least, is the strikeout for the first out of the 3rd inning. 87 mph pitch, maybe an excellent changeup, considering he throws 96+, but the movement suggests more of a screwball from what I’ve heard about that pictch.


Thanks for posting this, I couldn’t watch it because the hurican knocked my power out.

The thing is he went from no hitter to 8 earned runs in 1 2/3 innings angainst the cards today lol

second worst start after a no-hitter. The worst was some guy in 1923 who had 9 ER in 1 IP

Lou had to straighten him out. Kerchner on ESPN thinks it was because he went to his grandmother funeral. I think Lou will kick his a… if he walks off the mound like that again…I know he fined him…Carlos has to keep it together…So much like Juan Marischal…piss and vinegar…love the passion. He needs a Lou or he’ll get totally out of control.

It’s not hard to break a changeup to the arm side, which is what I’m assuming the original poster is talking about. Especially for a guy that already has a good sinker.

even though getting the no hitter was great i think that will hurt the cubs in the long run. in his first start off the DL from rotator cuff tendinitis he shouldnt have gone out there and thrown around 120 pitches. no wonder he did so bad his next start.

That was discussed at length, ESPN “experts” didn’t think it was that…more than leaving the country going to the funeral and coming back (Jet Lag weariness etc.)…it was 110 pitches…I don’t know, the next start will be the thing that shows which is true.