Zach Lutz Pitching Analysis


Height: 5’11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Age: 15
Bat: Left
Throw: Left

Pitches: 2-Seam, 4-Seam, Changeup, Curveball, Knuckle-Curve
Speed: Cruising 68-70 on FB

Currently playing for Freshman HS Team and U15 Legion.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Looks good. One thing to start you off and others can also chime in:

  1. I’d prefer to see you rocker step straight back or take a much shorter rocker step to the side. You currently take a very big rocker step to the side, so your head naturally moves with your body a good 12-16 inches off midline. This kills momentum right from the start of your delivery because you have to bring your entire body back to midline before it can start moving forward to the target.


Thank you for the feedback! I have been working on shortening my rocker step in my workouts and bullpens this week. I have been using the TuffCuff workouts since late February and am starting to see results. It is hard to get it all in with school, games, practice, etc…

Anything else for me to work on? Thanks again!


There is a point in your delivery after your leg lift as you start to come down that it looks like you are trying to quickly build momentum down hill and your hips really drop as your leg kicks out. This seems to be the true start to your delivery. I would suggest you try to get at least a bit of forward motion during your lift to reduce that hip drop / leg bend. I’m not saying get rid of it, because it seems to be a delivery trigger mechanism, but reducing will help you initiate your forward move better.


Thank you for the comments! I see what you mean. Would the Hershiser drill help to work on this? Or, something else?

I will try to post an updated video in the next few weeks with my progress.


Shortening or moving the rocker step more to the rear and less to the side may help to get the forward momentum and allow you to more easily minimize that leg bend and hip drop. The Hershiser drill sets up the feel but the non npa wall drill helps you establish the movement pattern.


You would be pretty good except for two things. 1. You have a loss of hip to shoulder seperation because your not scap loading enough (pinching your arm behind your back). If you could scap load you would see an instant jump in ball speed. 2. Your front leg is giving out. It never stabalizes. At pitch release use your front leg as leverage by extending it. Keep working!