Zach 11y Pitching Analysis



Zach would be a candidate for the towel drill. His release point is behind his head. He generates good early momentum, but does not have an opportunity to benefit from it because he does not create and release torque through his upper body. He has no chance to get behind the ball and drive through release. He’s got to get that release point out in front.


Couple things:

  1. When his feet come set, I’d go a little wider. Almost looks like they’re touching. Ideally you should aim for 12-16 inches apart. The super close feet in the set position makes it more difficult to have quick feet on pick-off attempts.

  2. Get that knee up higher during leg lift. He’s below parallel. Nolan Ryan practically tapped his chest with his knee. That’s the extreme, but I’d like to see him get his knee up to somewhere between 60%-70% of his height.


Agree with Steve. A quick/easy change is to get him in a better position when he comes set. Spread the feet apart, and I would also suggest some bend in the knees producing a more powerful athletic position.


Yea one thing we always reminded him to do was reach. So I’m going to research the towel method and the next lesson we will go over it. Zach has a ton of potential and is a great student because he is willing to learn. Thank you for the input.


Releasing behind your head is good. It’ll cause him to pronate earlier, which will distribute the stress evenly, generally taking it off. If you look at mlb pitchers at their release point, most of them are behind their head such as Syndegaard or Chapman.


I would advise against reaching.


I did’t look at Syndergaard, but Chapman does not release the ball behind his head.


Please post a pic of one of these pitchers with their empty throwing hand behind their head. Perhaps that would help us see what you are seeing. Thanks.



I asked for empty hand. His arm is moving at 110 mph. That ball can be on his fingers at his head and not come off until later. Release is ball off the hand.


Also, that pic angle is deceptive. I looked at dozen’s of AC pics and couldn’t find one from 90° that showed where the ball had left his hand behind his ear.


x2 on the camera angle being deceiving. I believe that even with the ball still in his fingers, his hand is actually in front of his head.

That Sport Science show (ESPN) had an episode where Tom House talked about Chapman’s delivery and they specifically talked about how far out in front of his front foot his release point is. The front foot is in front of the head. See the clip here:


You sure?


This better?


Here’s another guy.


Here’s Clayton Keyshaw


I didn’t know the conversation was about after the ball left his hand but I found one anyways. I think it’s ok if you pronate a little I front of your face, but release point I believe should be behind head of at head level, not elbow in front of face.


If y’all want to talk more about this, do it here Release Point


AC’s pitches are still on his finger tips, and the pics are from forward of the mound which is going to make the arm appear further back than it is in reality or at least make it difficult to know just exactly where it is in relationship to the head. Kershaw is definitely in front of his head.