Youtube channel idea

I have an idea for a youtube video kind of thing. Basically, I would make videos discussing different mechanic things.

I would:
-discuss things people send me questions about and I could give my opinion about them
-analyze mechanics
-discuss workouts, mechanical workouts, how to work on different things
-help with people on the journey of mechanic improvement
-give suggestions, tips, things I did or tried to develop different things in my mechanics.

I’m not perfect yet, but I think my mechanical improvements kind of give me a leg up on most people as to how to improve mechanics. And this would be a beneficial thing for me to do since teaching would relate directly to my college degrees.

Let me know if you all think this would something you’d all be interested in!

It would be on the same channel as my pitching videos are on

Here’s my first video:

I will post my first discussion video later this week at some point!

It’s an interesting idea.

But how many of those sorts of channels are out there already?

Could you wind up using it for part of a credit?

If so I’d say go for it!

I don’t know yet. I might be able to at least put it on my Resume for teaching or use it for a class project, so in way I might be able to.

I’ll make my first post later this week at some point.

I think my channel can be unique because I don’t think many people have gone through the mechanical changes like me.

A lot of guys talk about what people should do, but I think there’s not a lot of people out there who have actually tried to implement drastic change in their mechanics.

If you want a boost you might try to partner with someone who has a successful channel already who posts in a similar venue and then get them to send subscribers your way.

Do you have any suggestions to what channels I should try to contact?

Just subscribed to your channel. Really excited to see how this turns out, good luck!!!

Thanks! I’ll be trying to get another video up soon. Got some games all weekend, so it may not be until Mondayish

Thanks for the subscribe!