Youth Pitching

The above link is a video of my 11 year old son; I have concern about his arm slot and mechanics in general. Are my concern legitimate and/or other mechanical items that I should be concerned about to protect his arm health?

Thank you

That looks like a natural arm slot for him, I have heard of coaches who have tried to adjust natural arm slots with negative results. Pitchers arm slots are all a little different but that looks comfortable to him. Does he have any arm or shoulder pain?

Way back when, I had an absolutely incredible pitching coach—an active major league pitcher who was one of the Yankees’ legendary Big Three rotation—who had this basic precept: he believed that every pitcher has a natural motion, and what he would do was work with said pitcher to help him or her make the most of it. I was a natural sidearmer, and I used the crossfire a lot, and he helped me refine it and expand my repertoire. He told me a lot about strategic pitching, which was important for me because I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of and so had to go in the other direction and become a finesse pitcher, and he didn’t have much to tell me about my mechanics because they were basically sound—he would just show me a couple of things here and there that I could do.
So, I agree with buwhite here—if, whatever your son’s arm slot is, it’s his natural one, let him stay with it and firmly resist any attempt to change it because in that direction lies disaster! You can address any other mechanical issues that might pop up—but LEAVE THAT ARM SLOT ALONE! 8)

Nothing wrong with the arm slot there. Like a lot of young kids, he’s trying to use his head to generate power - he hasn’t yet learned how to use his body to create power from the ground up but that will come in time.

For now, I’d put some attention on his glove side - making sure the arms get to an “equal and opposite” (i.e. equal bends at the elbows) at foot plant (or as close to it as possible) and then stabilizing the glove out front instead of letting it drop.

Thank you for the replies.

I like his arm action… stays in front of his body… well timed at foot plant… he stays closed at foot plant.

there’s always something to tweek, but this youngster has the key components timed up very well for an 11 yr old.

got a 2nd, longer look…

in the wind up he appears to stride right of the line/closed… i prefer a more “quiet” motion as he starts the windup… to big and quick of a drop step & the balance gets out of whack & subsequent timing issues & the previous mentioned stride off line.

Roger had a good point re: glove side. Search Rogers posts, you’ll see great info on glove side mgmt.

Finishing with a flatter back will produce more consistency/velocity & promote healthier arm. He’s shutting down a bit quick vs rotating smoothly thru full release.

Overall hes on track… you have the tuff part down with him IMO (the position of shlder alignment and arm timing at foot plant).