Youth Pitching Program


I really enjoyed reading your book for Youth Pitching. My son and I are going to start the program after his basketball camp is done. A couple of questions I have.

  1. My son is playing fall baseball this year. The season lasts from the end of August to the middle of October. What part of the season training of your manuel do you recommend. I am trying to build more velocity with his four seam.

  2. Also with the schedule in the manuel, I would like to also incorporate some hitting. Are there some things I can scale back on with his pitching? A fear I have is to not overload him and burn him out. He is turning 11 in August.

  3. What drills are for pitch development and location development?

  4. Within the recovery phase, what are RTC program?

Sorry for so many questions,
Chris Endres

Although OP didn’t state his sons age he did mention that he is a youth pitcher. Depending on the age don’t know that a weighted ball program would be a good option. Regardless of age I would be extremely cautious of long tossing weighted balls. If I were going to pursue a long toss program that included weighted balls I’d buy the Driveline program. I believe weighted balls are beneficial for pitchers at an appropriate age following a proven program. on the other hand; misuse of weighted balls can be detrimental to a pitchers health.

Thanks for the advice. My son will be 11 in August. He is a big kid that throws hard but, he would like to see better results.

Was actually responding to a withdrawn post about long toss with weighted balls. I know Steven has a Tuff Cuff Jr program that many, many people highly recommend. I’m pretty sure he has a weighted ball program also so hopefully he’ll weigh in. I was just making a point on weighted balls which really wasn’t mentioned in your post.