Youth pitcher analysis


Any suggestions after reviewing my 13 year olds pitching mechanics? I am trying to get his hip moving towards home sooner during leg lift.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m guilty of some of the same things as your son. I think having him move his hips forward earlier is definitely a good thing to work on. In addition, you should do some leg work and try to get him to really use his back leg to drive hard off the rubber. His stride isn’t doing much for him at this point. His delivery is slow until his arm comes around which suggests that he is mostly arm. He is getting a decent amount of power from the rotation of hips and shoulders but not as much as he could be getting. Try to work on hip-shoulder separation. You want him to stay closed until the last second, then open up the hips before the shoulders, then the shoulders come around, and then the arm. This ties into my last point which is that his arm gets to full extension too early, which means he has to stop it and restart it at that point, instead of getting all thst momentum thst he had built up until then. Try to have his hands break later into his stride.


Hey, termhn, it sounds as if you’ve been picking up on what I’ve been calling “The Secret”! Good for you. After reading your take on what the kid has been doing, I am convinced that this is what he needs to do. In a nutshell, he needs to get his whole body involved in the process of pitching so that he isn’t throwing with just his arm. I learned “The Secret” many, many moons ago from watching how the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation did it; they were all driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips (oh, yes, the hips) and the torso in one continuous motion, creating a nonstop flow of energy all the way up through the shoulder and arm, generating more power in their pitches (even Eddie Lopat who was not a fireballer), and not only throwing harder and faster with less effort but also taking a lot of pressure off the extremities involved.
A good place to start would be the “Hershiser” drill which aims at getting the hips fully involved in the process. It requires no special equipment, just a fence or a wall, and working with this will speed up every aspect of the windup and delivery. Gosh, I just love talking about this, even after all these decades.


Thanks for the suggestions guys.