Youth Mental Issue

I’ve got a young pitcher (10u) with very good velocity (compared to his immediate peers) but who is not able to translate it to games.

When throwing flat ground, or even bullpen/mound sessions in practice, the player will regularly throw his hardest (to the point where our catchers will complain about the speed). When in game situations, with live batters, he will dial back his velocity and attempt to “aim” his throws, which causes inconsistent strikes and hittable pitches.

Any tips/suggestions for how to help him overcome this issues. He appears to be afraid of hitting the batters (as a 10u player, he is appropriately inconsistent with control). Thanks for the help.

Comfort will come through experience. Keep putting him out there, challenge him to see if he can blow it past the hitters.

I would advise you tell him to not worry about where the ball goes and just throw hard.