You're still MY champ, hammerin' hank!

heh. i know that this doesn’t really belong in “general pitching advice”, but i just thought that i’d note how sad this day is to me as a baseball fan in general. i know that this topic has been beaten to death and all, but now that it’s happened, i’m just sort of bummed out.

oh well, i guess the bad guys win after all. i know it’s bad when as a red sox fan i’m thinking to myself “i hope a-rod breaks the record in the future.”

anyway, the main point of this post was just to blow off a little steam since none of my friends follow baseball and just to say:

You’re still MY champ, Hammerin’ Hank!

alright, just to make this post have SOMETHING to do with pitching, i was just reading up on hank aaron and apparently, his record breaking home run was caught in the atlanta bullpen by none other than tom house hahaha. just a weird little coincidence. so there, general pitching info…

and yeah, 10 minutes later, hank is still my champ.

yea same here Samo. even when Bonds breaks the record, it should still be with a big ol’ [size=24]*[/size] :lol: Bonds is definately on roids. well was. his head is the size of a freakin blimp!

As much as I hate to say it he has never tested positive for steroids. Was I happy watching the game today when he hit 755, yea I was ecstatic. But in my mind he will be going down as the most scrutinized and lack there of a better word overlooked players of all time. The man has hits 755 and soon to be 756 home-runs that is all that matters. He is over looked because whenever anyone brings this subject up they think or say steiroids. Which isn’t right this man has the sweetest swing of all time it really is flawless. The way he wiggles his bat to time the pitch, how his hands cock when the pitch is on the way with his ever so sweet but subtle leg stride, the way his hips rotate while moving the bat threw the zone while his weight stays back and he pivots his back foot. How his hips begin to explode toward the pitcher and his bat slices down the rises back up so he hits the ball on the same plane as it comes in. The way he extends his arms the way he does to maximize power. And the way he follows threw with his body in complete control at all times. I’m not saying that he hasn’t used steiroids, I don’t know if he has but to say he is not worthy of this honor is wrong. He may look like he has used steiroids, but A-rod kinda does too(Im not saying he does either). But to not giving Barry credit for this amazing feet for something you are not 100% sure about would be wrong. You guys might not like me saying this but I’m glad it’s going to happen, that way I can tell my kids I saw that best hitter of all time hit his soon to be 756th home run. This is just me saying what I think I am not taking anything away from Hank Aaron but on my list hank isn’t even in my top 3( he is actually 4th behind well Bonds, Ruth, and Ted Williams). This is just my humble opinion on why he is the best off all-time.

P.S. He hit his homerun of a guy that got tested positive for performence enhancing drugs 2 years ago.

i don’t think that anyone can deny that bonds is a great hitter. but just think, aaron accomplished the SAME feat, WITHOUT any drugs.

just think how many home runs aaron would have hit if he’d been using the same stuff…

Again your taking everything away from bonds as I said in my post how he is overlooked. I just think if he has an astrix by his name I think this whole era should have one. Im really not a big fan of the guy Im just sticking up for him since he is the greatest hitter of this era and I feel he deserves it. I was at the game in wrigley a couple of weeks ago when he hit the two and boy did we give him hell. I was in the left feild bleachers hehe. But hank didn’t have to deal with half of what barry does. sure hank might of had racist comments about him hell even a kill threat, but im guessing barry gets those everyday. I’ll stop sticking up for barry when im 100% sure he took steroids and at this time I am not. :smiley:

ty cobb is without a doubt the best hitter of all time. and no Bonds won’t get tested positive for steroids, because they came out with the testing not too long ago.

and what the hell, “i did not knowingly take steroids.” that sounds like an excuse i woulda made up in like the 2nd grade to tell my principle about getting in a fight. “i didn’t knowingly punch that kid.” WTF!

Ty cobb was good an falls in fifth behind Pete Rose. Cobb never played with the talent of today. He played before the leagues came together. And just so you know Cobb was a biggest egomatic of his time. And to say cobb is the gratest ever must be a misprint on your part haha His performance after age 33 is poor compared to other all-time greats. Given the offensive environment of the 1920s his stats are not impressive. Basically Cobb went from being Babe Ruth in terms of domination (in the teens) to being Luis Gonzales of the 1920s. He was still a very good player in the 1920s but other all time great players were still dominating in their mid to late 30s.

i actually didn’t wanna start an argument, but i gotta go against this one. aaron had to leave his first pro game in the minor leagues because the fans were pelting him with rocks. also, it’s just my guess that facing racism is a lot tougher than facing allegations that you’re a cheater.

bottom line is, a record held by a very GOOD man is getting broken by a very BAD man…

Hank is a better man than barry, Barry is a d!ck but In my humble opinion barry is better player. Im gonna leave this topic alone for know since it really has nothing to do with this forum and I don’t want you guys to start thinking i’m arrogant.

You know, Barry is obviously on steroids. His hat size grew by 3 in his mid. 30’s that’s not natural. I do think though that Selig and the players association needed to go to a bigger effort to get him caught.

Barry Bonds would have been a possible hall of famer anyways, I mean he stole bases, he got hits, he still would have gotten 500 but, by no means was he a 755 type guy.


At least Hammerin’ Hank’s head doesn’t have its own zipcode.

Hank wasn’t known as being a great guy in the 60’s and 70’s, ain’t it ironic to all of you that every great noted on this post wasn’t known for being a “good guy”? I’ll remind ya’ll, Cobb used to sharpen his cleats so he could open up a 2nd baseman and his slide started out as a flying leap, Rose was not liked by anyone (Drove people nuts he was a maniac), Barry…well Barry does apparently love his kids…and shows it on national TV. Ted Williams was a particular jerk and if old Mr. Coffee Dimaggio hadn’t lost the love of his life (Marylin Monroe) the press would have found him lacking because he really had no outward personality.
Another common denominator here is the press, Barry has disdain for the press, speaks truth to their power and they don’t like it…subsequently Barry like our president has the worse press coverage since gosh ever it seems, just like Bonds, if you take the actual accomplishments without editorial, our president is great, but add in the press who hate him because he isn’t “cool” like Clinton and he’s treated like the worst world leader since Hitler…except Hitler hasn’t freed more people than anyone else in human history…as our president “really and actually has”. So it is with Barry, 40 years up the road, likely sooner because of A Rod when someone passes Barry, a few old timers will be upset and dissappointed and wistfully remember what a great “eye” Barry had for hitting…he does and I don’t know a roid out there that helps you “see” better or that gives you better timing.
Anyway…he did it and now the press is going to find another story to pummel us to death over…Tommy Glavine baby…300 is an unbelievable number for a pitcher in this era…bless him and Maddux…they seem like “great guys”. :smiley:

[quote=“jdfromfla”]So it is with Barry, 40 years up the road, likely sooner because of A Rod when someone passes Barry, a few old timers will be upset and dissappointed and wistfully remember what a great “eye” Barry had for hitting…he does and I don’t know a roid out there that helps you “see” better or that gives you better timing.

When I was watching the game last night they said doctors are saying that steroids help your eye-sight and stuff like that. I’ll look it up and get back to you all.

I have learned something, I appreciate the research Bower.

Granting you the point only as evidenced by the side presented by the guy who wrote the book…why hasn’t he tested positive since? Has he formulated something over the past 8 years that can avoid all testing? Is he the only one that smart? Granting that he took whatever, and do understand that Bonds isn’t anything to me other than what he is, a baseball player who competed against my team and who accumulated a bunch of homers…was he “good”? yep but I look at the way the sport has changed (As late as the 60’s players still took off season jobs to pay the bills). and how we as a society create myths and mythic heros and say “who is to blame”? When you accept gazillions of dollars, it also is selling your privacy and it gives license to every person paying attention to hold you to whatever standard is the era’s “norm”, well the era of Bonds was this…Home Run is King! It packs them in the stands and it makes em watch on TV, we pay home run hitters the most, we glorify them to a plateau, now as a coincedental thing, the body building and conditioning craze that happened at the same time, provided a pathway in which more athletes got bigger, stronger, faster…now consider this, every person who was around had opportunity to do the same things…some like Caminini and Alzado died, some say because of it, but the truth is we all let it happen, few understood how the science had gotten in front of the ethics of it . Despite all of that, only one human being out of all of those who had the same pathway available made it to where he is, says accomplishment on the face of it (300 million human beings in our country today…2/3 of that alive when he came into the league, only one made it in the game long enough to surpass a record set 40 odd years before), now excluding injury, looks like A Rod is there within the decade…is he cheating? Or are we as the culture of baseball (Fans, players, administration, umpires) enabling the sport to deliver more homers?
Bonds is an “up yours” kinda person, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, he is very comfortable in his own skin. When he passes away, how many generations of Bonds will be wealthy beyond him? His record, astrick or not will be there, someone will ultimately pass him.
Baseball lives on in my opinion, unharmed by Barry Bonds. Look at the other two main sports…people being involved in murder/drugs/sex crimes seemingly regularly and baseball has Bonds…could it be better? Maybe in a perfect world our heros would all be John Wayne…I assure you that even his life when held up to modern scrutiny would not be a pretty picture…as long as we are all human we’ll make mistakes…Some like Micheal Jordan can maintain a good enough repore with the media to go down in history with shining armor…Cal Ripken, Lou Gerhig also come to mind…Anyone remember how beloved OJ was before his wife met up with her untimely demise? These are only just one or two people in the world of popular culture who have ever, ever sat at the top and not had mud hit their face.

Nice post JD

very nice post JD. and good research Bower. didn’t one of the guys associated with Balco come out and say “the clear” improved eye sight alot? that was a week ago i think.