Your Weighted Ball Experience Steven

Steven i read on another topic you used weighted balls during the off season and went from 88-90 to 90-94. I have some questions I’d like to ask you about your weighted ball training.

Who was supervising you during the training?

What weight were the balls you were throwing? How many throws did you make with each weight? Could you give me some insight on how you progressed (as in # throws for week 1, week 2…ect.) through your weighted ball training in order to ensure safety?

How many times a week were you throwing weighted balls?

Did you play long toss with them, pitch off a mound, or throw on flat ground from 60 feet?

For how long a time period did you throw a normal 5 ounce baseball to prepare and condition the arm for weighted ball traing?

I’m interested in weighted ball training and I would really appreciate your insight into helping me make an educated decision.

Thank you.