Your username signification

tell me what is the signification of your user name

mine is switch because i love watching ambidex batters in batting practice

Well, I use my own name, but I also have the designation “Goddess Of The Slider” at the end of every post I make—and this is because I’m female and the slider was my best pitch, the one I could go to. I had that designation pinned on me by a fellow Yankee fan. :slight_smile:

you were a female pitcher! this is so sick. you really wouldnt expect this. by the way, i am still trying to develop a breaking ball, i guess the goddess of the slider could help me develop a slider…? haha

Tiki’s are those freaky statue heads! lol 510 is my area code!

Throwing a slider is “easy” with the correct form. The concept is easy to some. I can get movement off mine pretty easily, but it isn’t very good. Throw a fastball, but when you release roll it with your middle finger down the side. Like pulling a string downward with three fingers. What’s really important is staying on top of the ball. I personally use a curve ball grip and throw it like a fastball, while trying really hard to stay on top of it. Then i brush it down as much as I can

Good luck!

Search for Pustulio on google and click the images link, you’ll soon find out.

I pitch for my high school team, the redwings.


I used to lift weights many moons ago and there was a lifting instructor that would always walk by me and say “getting there”. I always got a kick out of that and assumed that he meant to let me know that my work was not done and that I shouldn’t be satisfied. I use this with my son now when he works out. But, I think it ticks him off!! lol.

i just took a few letters out of my last name

No problem.
The day I asked Ed Lopat about the slider, he drew me aside and showed me how to throw a good one. He told me, “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” He showed me the grip he used—a very much off-center grip, with the index and middle fingers very close together and the middle finger just touching one seam—and demonstrated the wrist action. (This last will vary depending on how one throws the curve ball; I threw mine with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap, so what I had to do was just ease up on it.)Then he handed me the ball and said “Go ahead—try it.” I got the hang of it in about ten minutes, but this is not a pitch you can pick up in a day or a week; I worked at it for some months until I had it the way I wanted it . The fact that I threw it sidearm—that was my natural delivery—made it even easier for me, and when I used the crossfire…It is indeed a beautiful pitch, and I have found that a lot of pitchers who have been having trouble with the curve ball will find the slider easier to work with. :slight_smile: 8)

Actually “Dino” is short for Dinosaur. :shock: Not pronounced like the short “e” as in Dino-Reno but the long “i”. Someone nicknamed my son “Dinosaur” because he was always way taller than anyone else. When we created a username he naturally blurted out “Dino.” Now if I were to create another username more appropriate to me it would probably be my badge number. :roll:

I got my username from my grandfather. He would sing see that my dad would have to remind me to practice playing the cello, so he made up a song called “Johnny Cello.” Johnny is a form of my real first name.

Well, my name is “Roger”.

But my friends call me… “Roger”.


[size=8]Anyone know what movie that’s from (different name)?[/size]

Roger that

im a huge dodger fan. my hobby is baseball. following stats and watching and playing it. im easily the biggest baseball fan on this website. no doubt.

my favorite player cesar izturis wore number 3

Bushido–Code of the Samurai Warrior.

I try to live my life right and stand by what I believe in no matter what the outcome may be.I feel if you live right,all else will fall in place.

This picture has some of the traits that the Samurai lives by.

Beaver is my nickname, don’t know why no buckteeth :smiley: and 26 is my favorite number.

I’m a Georgia Bulldawg through and through… but I live in a mid-size city in the Midwest.

My name is sean, i play baseball, and my number is 14, easy enough.

I’m lanky and a lefty. Though no longer 155lbs, I’m still lanky at 195lbs. Maybe when I get to 215 or so I’ll change my username to “not-so-lankylefty”

My parents named me southcarolina.

I actually live in Montana.