Your Pitching Program

How important is pitching to your school? Are your fellow pitchers just as dedicated as you are? I know at my school the past few years we have had an excellent staff. My freshman year we had three dedicated starters who took it very seriously, then my sophomore year we had two dedicated starters and a couple really dedicated relievers. But this past year really only myself and the other starter really seemed dedicated. I’m afraid this next year only I will have any real dedication. We have another thrower who is really good, but he has to worry about other positions he will play. And the only other pitcher we have is incredibly lazy. We get alot of work at practice, we’re very rarely out of it sitting in the dugout. Our pitching coach is constantly working us, but I’m worried about next year. Whats your situation?

My sons school thought very little about pitching…an after thought, all he could do was lead by example and refuse to be relegated to “just another position”. He actually refused to loosen with the team (He had a much more rigorous pre-game ritual and the team was kinda just toss a little and take infield…play. This ritual had the effect of making other pitchers understand that they were responsible for preparation or face unhappy consequences. This is where you can come in, remember that you aren’t the coach, but you can have dignity and demand respect for your art. You said you have a pitching coach that works you guys…this is great, support him by working happy and respecting his program…Baseball is desire, if the other guys can’t “come to Jesus” with you…well you can’t hold a gun to their head. Be the very best pitcher, team mate, person, don’t judge anyone…you don’t really know where they are at…but by maintaining your own integrity, your example may inspire them beyond the effort they are currently displaying. Look at guys like Maddux and Paul Moliter and Cal Ripken…they never sold out who they were…don’t you do it either…I bet you get great results. :wink:

Thanks JD. I literally just got your name. JD from LA. I saw it as just jdfromla. lol

Well you and another honored poster from Cali (Chinmusic…look him up he was cool) seem to miss the F…thats JD From Fla. jd from Florida, it’s a take off on the old “Dear Abby” column that used to be on the paper when I was a kid…everyone signed like that EZ from Las Vegas or OP from Mayberry…
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