Your personal game plan

This is going to be very controversial, but, appropriate at the same time.

You’re growing up and the older you get, you’re told to be a team player, go for the team, be a contributor, the word team has not “I”, etc…

However, there comes a time when you realize, the team has nothing to do with you. You have everything to do with you. The better you get, the better you want more recognition, more playing time, and less with being part of a failing program, coach patronage to favorites with little going for them, etc.

As all of the heretofore sounds plausible, and kind a great as far as your concerned, you’ve go to be realistic about your ability and how you use it. But there’s a catch for many. Testing those waters comes at price. A price of being at the right place at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Pitching is all about timing and the right training. Even those with gifted ability can be “damaged goods” without the proper guidance. Unfortunately, there are millions of ways to do the same thing, it all depend on who you’re listening to, and …. how much $$$$.

So think to yourself - why, how does anything further your game - not someone else’s, concentrate on the fundamentals of this craft, ask tons of questions, understand the rules of this game,…don’t just memorize them, reason things out don’t just accept “as is”.

Finally - think every day… “how does this benefit me.” In that regard, if you think that you just have to bide your time… you’re done before you started. Marking time in place is giving up that place to someone else. Be aggressive in your mind, body and spirit. Go to win, or not, It’s all up to you. .

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