Your OUT pitch

Just out of curiosity what is your out pitch, when do you use it, how do you set it up if you do and how did it come to be your out pitch.

on an 0-2 count. go with the high fastball. The batter is protecting the plate so it usually works. Or a curveball that starts over the plate and lands outside. give them something hard to hit.

Both of those are effective, but you don’t want to help the batter. By now you’ve hopefully at least seen him swing once, and if he cant catch your fastball, dont help him by throwing a slower pitch like a curve or a change, just go right after him with a fastball. Or if he is right on your fastball, start a curve at him that catches the inside corner, or start one on the outside part, and have it drop out of the zone. Gauge which one to throw by how he swings. If he gets his hands way out, and covers the outer half of the plate, he’ll probably be easily jammed.

By the way, my out pitch right now is my 4seamer. I still need to work on getting command of my off-speed.

I have a 4-seam, 2-seam and a curve, I’ll throw any of them depending on the situation. I’ll usually start off with a curve in the early going, but when the other team picks up on that, I’ll throw which ever one I want.

My out wpitch is whatever seems to work against a particular batter , my splitter might be effective against a guy with a good level swing but when i face someone with a softball type swing i stick with my fastball because it works better in that particular situation.

I love throwing the 2-seam that breaks inside on the right handed batters. Lot of times there’s slow rollers to the 3rd baseman.

mine is a circle change. gets me lots of k’s and weak grounders

[quote=“alanshadow22”]Just out of curiosity what is your out pitch, when do you use it, how do you set it up if you do and how did it come to be your out pitch.[/quote]my out pitch is my slider or circle-change up, i like to throw a high fastball before i throw either one, then i throw it outside and they usually chase it

Splitter down in the dirt. Used for a 1-2 or 0-2. I dont wanna help him on 2-2 or 3-2 pitching a ball his way. I just try to close it down and throw strikes in those types of counts. Cutter on a corner maybe. Not sure, depends a lot on the hitter I guess.

I like to start by throwing a 4 seam up stairs. If I get the batter, that is a bonus but I want to change his eye level to set up either my knuckle curve down and away to lefties and my knuckle slider down and away to righties. You prob never heard of a knucle slider but I kinda invernted it. I live in cincy and have become a hugh fan of Bronson Arroyo and like how he changes eye levels and his arm angles. I was just messing around one day and moved my knucle curve to a side arm and threw it and it started by goind right at a right handers knees then it breaks completly across the plate and nips the outside corner. Not trying to brag but it is ridiculous.

Knuckle slider :?: :?: :?: :?

My out pitch is just that, whatever gets the outs…haha. Seriously though that may be a knuckle slider. I try throing it too, i call it the knider. I have a feeling it puts lots of strain on the arm though.

yeah its the knucle curve grip thrown side arm and it doesn’t hurt my arm at all it feels as comfortable as throwing a fastball.

Yeah, mine is too. Once you get your arm loose try depending on how you hold the ball, use your index finger and push it on the ball to get a little bit more rotation. It takes some practice but it works for me. Pretty devastating.

yeah same thing for me
I noticed you are from ohio What part I am near cincy

Im from around the Cleveland area. West of Cleveland.