Your opinions on creatine?

Supplement with it

Just go to
type in something like: "creatine lifting"
You should get hundred upon hundreds of studies showing the results with creatine.

More info all compiled into an excellent and free ebook for download here:,com_remository/Itemid,36/func,fileinfo/filecatid,8/parent,category/

I supp with it, I think it helps, it’s not magic, but there’s nothing to believe it’s gonna cause any negatives either. Generally increased work capacity is the big thing people talk about, personally I notice improved recovery with it, that’s my primary motive for it actually.

Excellent observation.

I take it every day.

I need to buy some.

ya i take it after i lift and if reduces my soreness and recovery time immensely

KC, any restrictions you would recommend (e.g. no loading)?

KC, any restrictions you would recommend (e.g. no loading)?[/quote]

I know this has been directed at KC, but figure I’ll take it as it’s just me spewing out scientific data…

If a loading phase is used it will take a week to get muscle creatine levels boosted.

If a loading phase is not used it will take a bit over 3 weeks to get muscle creatine levels boosted.

(I’ll try and find the data if anyone really wants to see it in writing?)

Loading phase is totally not necessary, and is often associated with gastric problems and cramping. I have done both with and without loading. Loading didn’t really bother me, but I know it can really mess with some people.

Many would now consider the loading phase a way for supplement companies to sell more creatine…

I know the NPA recommends against cycling and loading (though I don’t really know what cycling is).

I’ve done both and could never tell a difference either way. Like CF said, loading cuts down on the time to boost creatine (didnt know it took that long without loading, interesting).

Cycling with creatine is generally like a 2 months on, 1 month off model. I havent seen anything to back up why people do it that way. I read somewhere that it was a remnant of the steriods-type training methods, people saying a supplement was more effective if you dont use it all the time.

Some supplements (mostly those with drug like effect on the body, accounting for hormonal changes and such) need to be cycled in order to retain their potency within the body.

The idea is that after say X weeks the body gets used to the substance and no longer reacts in the desired way, it just stays normal. So at that point, you quit taking the substance for several weeks. Then you begin taking the substance again as your body is no longer used to it and will react fully.

This concept is synonymous with steroids. No reason for anything like creatine, protein, multi, AAs, most of the stuff you can find naturally in your diet anyhow to be cycled.

There shouldn’t be any possible reason for creatine to be cycle. You are just attempting to increase your muscle creatine levels, and this should continue on as long as you continue taking maitanance dosages. They’ve got research showing everything should continue as normal and should return to normal (once one stops supping with creatine) in a multiple year scenario.

If one is to take pre-workout stuff that contains caffine, who usually doesn’t consume caffine, consumes it consistently you may notice its effects drop significantly. Those that regularly have caffine will probably experience lesser effects in the first place.

Two studies that commented on the length of the loading phase would be the following:

Field ML. Creatine supplementation in congestive heart failure. Cardiovasc Res 1996 Jan;31(1):174-6.

Pearson DR, et al. Long-term effects of creatine monohydrate on strength and power. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 13(3); 187-192, 1999.

I was unable to pull the abstracts but they are cited in a number of articles on creatine in terms of the loading phase and length.

From “The Creatine Report” (cited, brief summery and citation of the abstracts)
Study 1:

[quote]The subjects loaded for 6 days using 20 g/day and a maintenance dose 2 g/day for a further 30 days. As expected, tissue Creatine levels went up approximately 20% and the participants got stronger and gained lean mass. Nothing new there! And, not surprisingly, without a maintenance dose Creatine levels went back to normal after 30 days.
Then the group was given 3g of Creatine without a loading dose. The study found a similar – but more gradual – increase in muscle Creatine concentrations over a period of 28 days. [/quote]
Study 2: