Your Mental Approach

When pitching I’ve noticed great velocity/control/mechanical loss when I’m consciously thinking about some mechanical aspect as opposed to not thinking too much and just staying fluid and relaxed. I’m wondering what tips any of you have used to effectively “stop thinking” about mechanics when you throw and maintain a throwing motion that incorporates your whole body seamlessly.

I only need my brain to slow down for the games though, I am still in college! :wink:

My dad has always told me to say “9x9=81” as you pitch.

Works pretty well for me, when I remember to use it.

Before warming up in the pen and before going out on the mound try some basic meditation techniques.

Just sit upright, close your eyes and focus on your breathe for a few minutes. That’s usually enough to clear my mind, let me know if it works for you.

Once you start thinking on the mound step off compose yourself and focus only on the next pitch your about to make.

Sometimes coming up with a focal point or a saying can help you while you’re preparing.

I think you’ll get some very interesting answers to this and I look forward to seeing the responses.

a simple mechanical cue that always keeps my body in tune with making smooth powerful motions is breathing and “lift, load, explode” . rythm is key

in game, aggressiveness is my best composure. i cant afford to slow down my motion to deliever perfect strikes. it doesnt work like that in real application. be aggressive with your body and be certain you know where the ball is going and all will fall into place .

Thanks for the input everyone. I got a chance to throw off the mound today, and I felt great. The aggressive mental cue worked well for me. The meditation and other mental cues offered should be useful for when I’m nervous or anxious about a game. This was just a scrimmage, so I’m excited to see how I can do in games that actually count.

man thats great… im going to be off the mound again soon and trying hard to keep my body composed during competition

definetly focus on thoughts and breathing when the adrenaline is giving you energy

this is the best time to stay within your work ethic of practice and mechanics you know will give you the most power

technique under pressure is the best asset one can have.