Your height, weight, and velocity

I know that - I just keep overestimating my improvement.

I will see you before the summer hits.


150 lbs.

Topping out low 80’s on a Bushnell so, not exactly sure?

My son is 11 yrs old 5’4 125 lbs and throws 64.

He has grown about 3 inches and gained 3 mph over the last 2 months.

My 12 year old Little League son is about 5’-11" and 165 - 170# and throws somewhere in the 70s. He was at 70 last year and throws considerably faster this year. He’s also grown 4" since last summer. He throws a 2-seam fastball that moves in on the RH hitter, a slider that moves down and out, working on a circle change that his coach says is getting there, and a knuckle curve that drops down. He practices at the High School and can’t wait to move up to the bigger field so he can use all of his pitches.

It’s “unfair” for him to play in Little League, but he’s still 12 and is having fun being a kid. He loves his teammates and they love him. In 12 innings so far, he has 36 strike outs and 3 walks. He started a new pre-game warm-up yesterday. Throws the heater on the 1st warm-up pitch, then the slider, change and knuckle-curve; fastball, slider and change. By then the entire opposing team has freaked out, and it’s an easy 1-2-3. He’s very intimidating on the mound at this age.

The boy is 13, 5’ 10", 155. He’s 76 off the mound, 79 turn and burn.

15 yo 6’2 152 throwing 81-84 mph

6’3 210 87-90 T92. was 270 last year slingin the same with worse mechanics, be an athlete dudes.

I’m 5’4, 105, 13 years old. I throw mid to high 60s, but my best thing for me is the break on my pitches.

I’m 5’4" ,120lbs and max 80. Junior

Dang. Can u give me tips I’m that same siz but 114pounda

Play travel ball during the summer if you can(even a local team would be fine), buy arm bands and look up videos, also look up other pitching workouts.

I’ve done little to no serious lifting hence I’m 120 lbs and velocity will come with age and plus there many other factors that determine it. Just better your strengths

Can I see video

The only video I have of me pitching is on pbr and you need a membership to view videos

Please video yourself and make it on YouTube =)

I’m a 5’ 7" 135lb freshman lefty that just turned 15 about a month ago. I throw 72-75, is that bad?

My son 5-3 130 lbs 10 Years old 60-62 MPH off mound.

My son is 6’2" 225lbs. Yesterday during an outside 25 pitch bullpen he was “sitting” 91-93 and touched 94 twice.

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I’m 6’ 2"
I throw 75-78mph