Your craziest pitch!

What is the craziest thing your pitch has done?

Today I was throwing since it was about 46 degrees. And I throw a knuckleball, most of my other pitches are about average except my 2-seam fastball. Well I was throwing I had about 4-5 just crazy professional knuckleballs. I threw about 40-50 and about 70-75% of them were game worthy. The others just wobbled and fluttered a bit. Kinda flat. But anyways I was so happy. Like 2-3 of them just dropped like 2-3 feet and I was throwing the like 57-58mph and when they dropped they looked like they just hit a wall and instantly slowed down and fell. The other ones 1-2 of the looked like a hook. First they wobbled and then they dropped like a slurve but sharply, no hanging, all so fast. The faster I seem to throw them, the more chances I seem to get a good drop. I usually get a good drop at mid 50’s. Ahhh I love the K-Ball. You guys should just play around with it. It’s great!!

ok we get it. the knuckleball is cool.

out of the knuckleball, when you throw something you expect to see what you see. you won’t get any FREAK AWESOME TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE ASTONISHING movements on a curveball for instence