Your Call

The batter you’re about to face, again, steps into the box with a 400 batting average coming into the game. He’s knocked you around all night, first to deep left, then to deep right, then a frozen rope that nearly took your head off!

Ok, here’s the deal – it’s the bottom of the 9th, two (2) outs, it’s the other team’s last ups – you’re ahead by one run, but they have a runner on third. You’ve been cruising all night – no big deal, easy pitch count to manage, no real fatigue, actually you’ve been doing pretty good - except for this guy.

I call time … walk out to you and ask… “ how ya feeling scooter?” “ Do you want to take a seat – I got our reliever all warmed up, ready to take over?”

Know I know you’re a professional – just like everyone else here. If not – you’d be somewhere else. I trust your judgment, your reasoning, you own read on yourself. Like I said, you’re a professional.

What’s your call, scooter? I’ll go with it.

Coach B.

It’s me Skip…I’ve been settin him up all night…get the brews ready… :wink: now get the hell off my mound…

How bout we walk him skipper? And then I’ll put the next guy in the books and we can all go have dinner with a win in our pocket.


True competitors – winners, always want the ball. Their aggressive, focused, always in the game regardless. Get knocked around – so what, bring it meat!

I asked my top burner this very question years ago , in this situation, and I can still see the look in his eyes as he literally told me @!#$!! what I could do with myself in the dark. I wasn’t really looking to take him out – nor was I looking for justification of one thing or another. Just wanted to rile the guy, crank up his juices, stuff like that. (gads, pitching coaches are a sneaky lot)

He never took a sign from his mate, sent two pitches right off – first inside belt high, next inside chin high. Got a warning from the guy with the clicker, sent the three one after the other without a moment’s pause ….1-2-3, rang him up.

This was neither a personal confrontation, nor was it between men that disliked it each other. It was about starting with the man finished because he knew he could finish – regardless. If he got taken deep, again, walked off with a loss, then it was a loss. But, no one would have dumped on him because of it.

Bottom line – when you’re prepared both mentally and physically for anything in life, you’re ready to finish what you started. And regardless of the outcome, you’ve done your best in this regard. Forget the words and whispers of those that have a narrow vision of what matters. It’s all up to you to reason that one out.

Oh, Dino and JD…… if you get the chance, offer to these youngsters that visit here why you responded the way you did. You’re both right on the money – as usually.

Coach B.

I’m with JD all the way gimme the ball so I can sit him down.

The reason is because I’m a pitcher…no one beats me in my spot…I want the ball…if you want it, I surrender to your authority…but you, Mr. gotta take it…I don’t give it away unless forced and then I won’t be chipper about it… :evil:

As a young Trooper I was riding with a veteran on the midnight shift when we were dispatched to the residence of a known drunken troublemaker for a disturbance. Upon arrival, I followed my appointed leader to the front porch where a sturdy knock with a five cell flashlight brought our drunken hero to the screen door, cursing and stinking of liquor. I noticed that the screen had a large tear in it when the man’s spit was deposited on the porch near my shoes. My partner’s first question was met with an expletive salutation. To this day I can’t recall the exact order of events but the end result was a human body hauled by his throat through the top of a screen window, bat spun and slammed on his face and in cuffs. “No need to open the door kid, just rip him right through it.”

Later in my career, there were occasions when men of similar disposition would barricade themselves inside a house with other family members and threaten to harm them with a knife or gun. No time to wait for a special assault team. Come up with a plan. Once I noticed that the land line (telephone) was located in the kitchen and our hero was holed up on the other side of the trailer in the bedroom. (Inevitably in my stretch of the woods, every incident involved a trailer or mobile home of some sort). I crawled through the open window over the kitchen sink and stood in the corner to the kitchen entry. I then had the phone rung. Very few people have the capacity to allow a phone to ring without answering it…and neither did Butch.

So what’s my point. Sometimes you have to attack head on…like a coyote and sometimes you have to be a little cunning…like the fox. But in your heart you know the ending has to be the same…you are the predator and he is the prey.

Sorta like going outside corner with a change after setting a guy up inside with the heat :wink:

I want that guy done with fastballs, I want him out of my box!!!