Your call #7

Well, you made it. You got called into the skipper’s office and he said their sending you up. Get your bags packed and pick up your first class air fare at the airport – your accommodations are made for a five star hotel in Baltimore.

The Minor League club that you’ve been with is headed to the Minor League’s, New York-Penn League Playoffs tomorrow – and you’re one of the big reasons their going, because of your outstanding pitching.

Your call – ask to stay and see this club finish their hard won place in the playoffs, or go to the bigs?

Coach B.

Get on the plane before they change their minds.

Make the move now, that is the goal make it happen.

Question #1 Is it my turn to pitch for the MILB team?

Question # 2 What am I being used for in the bigs a start or as a reliever?

Question # 3 When am I expected to throw in the show?

Question # 4 How much of a pay bonus do I get winning that championship vs getting bumped up to the League minimum?