Your Call #6

You were dating a girl for a year – but she broke it off. Kind-a got to you, took a while to get over – sort of, but life goes on.

You find out later that she was using you to make another guy jealous. And if that wasn’t enough, at your favorite restaurant last night, there they were sitting just three tables away from you.

You’re in the bullpen when the call comes –“get-em up”. You go through your paces when the gate opens and onto the field you go. Skipper gives you the usually this-n-that, plops the ball in your glove, your backstop gives you the ole –“go get-em kid”, and you settle in.

Ok, here’s the deal – guess who steps into the box? It’s the guy from the restaurant who was sitting with your old girlfriend just three tables away from you. You roll the ball around in your hands with a grip that would rip the hide off if you could.

What’s your first pitch?

Coach B.

Breaking ball inside. He’ll probably see your glare and think that you would throwing an inside fastball at or near him. So he would be would probably not be expecting something offspeed. And he could be more senstive to a pitch inside. Especially on that starts near him.

I would much rather strike out someone I don’t like than give them first.

Well jimster, you’re a lot kinder than the guy that I had who was experiencing this.

Just before he left the bullpen and spotted the guy in the box he turned to me and said … and I quote” won’t be seeing him in any restaurant in the near future that’s for sure.”

I glanced at him with a puzzled look on my face, which in turn he then said… “ who needs a restaurant when ya ain’t got no teeth?”

“…. Ooohh–boy, hold on there Willie….”

Coach B.

I want him struck out, out of my box, I know you were asking about the first pitch but I want to dominte him, bean balls are for the good of the team, not for personal vendettas.

I pitch to him normally.

Whatever happens off the field stays off the field.

If I drill him it puts a man on base and hurts the team for no good reason.

I might buzz him a few times though. It’s a tough decision to either throw one near him to start or make sure I get strike one.