Your Call #5

You’ve been with a club for three years. You know a couple of your teammates very well – well enough to know one is easy prey for a pitch down-n-away, and the other just can’t resist high heat inside.

Next season you’re traded. As you look at your schedule with your new club, you see that you’ll be facing your old teammates.

Ok, here’s the deal – do you keep the information about your old teammates to yourself, or, do you pass this information on to the coaches of the club that you’ll be joining next season?

Why – yes? Why – no?

Coach B.

Yes and No

I wouldn’t hold a power point meeting with the coaching staff. You’d risk bringing undue attention on yourself…what if the coaches already know the big secret you are about to graciously impart to them? Careful whose toes you are stepping on. Now if they ask…sure. Especially if somebody on the pitching staff is struggling and he just so happens to be facing one of those hitters in the next inning. Might drop him a hint.

Otherwise, I’m competing for a job. In my mind this falls under the heading of “Bakers get free bread.”

If guys on the team or members of the Coaching staff ask I’ll give it up forsure, it’s for the good of the team, even if I’ve only been with them for a few hours.