Your Call #4

You’ve made it all the way through high school ball, summer leagues, highly competitive travel ball, Legion Ball, fall ball, two years in college ball D1 level, you’ve been offered – and accepted a signing bonus, you’ve paid your dues for the last two year in the minors, bouncing around from one bandbox to another. If you can just stick it out for the next three or four years – you got a shot at going up.

Your girlfriend, of five years, wants a wedding. After all, she’s been there for you all the way, but at home, not there with you.

You know the harsh sacrifices that you both will have to endure. Sacrifices that she knows nothing about. You also know that your concentration will be on your career for the majority of the time – not her.

Your call – what diamond are you going to concentrate on?

Coach B.

Small tiny wedding in the off season during my month of active rest, so that way my workout routine isn’t thrown outta whack… IF she signs the prenup, if she doesn’t agree to the prenup then oh well she’ll have to wait a few more years.

I don’t think it would be fair to either of us to try and start a marriage with so many distractions. My life, at this point, is going to be dedicated to the game.

Hopefully she understood and was willing to wait for a couple of years, even if it was a long engagement.

This is one question I would love to ask a retired major league ballplayer from my hometown. He’ll be turning 80 years old this year. Signed by the St. Louis Browns in 1952, he finished up his career in 1970 with the Milwaukee Brewers. Fifteen major league seasons and nine different teams under his belt. I think I know what he’d say. I’m guessing that he’d say it was all his wife’s doing. That she sacrificed more than he ever did. Raising a family while he was gone more than half the year.

But it didn’t hurt that his father was a pastor at a local church and was a role model for him to follow. That guy would come tune my mother’s piano by ear and play some of the great gospels while he tuned. I didn’t know that piano could be played like that…nothin’ against your playing mom!

It’s just a matter of commitment to the union. These days, people are much more practical and selfish about a marriage. There was a day when people did all kinds of foolish things for love. Like getting married when neither partner had a job! What moi? :shock: