Your Call #3

Your club’s last batter got decked by the other club’s pitcher. Your teammates expect you to deck the first batter that steps into the box when you take the mound.

Here’s the thing – the rumors have it that you’re about to be traded to THAT club in the other dugout, just prior to the dead line for such deals. That other club is from LA.

“Hey, wait a minute?” you say to yourself – my agent and I were talking just the other night, and he asked me if I had ever been to the West Coast?

Well – your call. Deck the guy, then say hello within a few months?

Coach B.

I’m decking him.
Rumors are rumors. Maybe the trade doesn’t go through. If it does we deal with it when I get to the club.

You future team/your current team, all your team mates need to know you will protect your team and stand up for them. Passing on it would just prove to eveyone that you aren’t a team player.

I’m decking him and the next guy up, if I wind up being traded there I’ll take them both out to dinner to calm the waters if there’s any animosity, but they should both know and understand that its just simply part of the game.