Your Call #2

You’ve had your normal three days’ rest with workouts – you’re feeling great and ready to go.

As your head coach, you know you and I have personality issues. Basically, we don’t get along. In fact, you’ve sat, since you came back, and I’ve used a number of guys that I like better than you. It’s no secret, that you could spend your entire career, pitching in a no-win situation, with this club.

Ok, here’s the deal – it’s the last game of the playoffs. The guys that I’ve sent in have blown it. I pick up the pen horn and call …. “get so-n-so up.” As you work out, you know you can save this club and polish off the lineup that you’ll be facing. You also know that if you “tank” it, only you’ll know, and better yet, I’ll get blamed for the lost and fired shortly after.

You get the call to go in. You come across the infield and meet me on the mound. You see the expression on my face… “ It’s payback from this kid -I’m screwed!”

Now you know that I’m a shallow man. If you pull this one out, you’ll never get a word of thanks from me. Your call – what do you do?

Coach B.

I could care less about you. I’m taking the mound and smokin the lineup. I’m throwing for the team, my teammates and myself.

It’s more than just you and the coach, you have a team, your future and the situation to think about. You don’t get ahead by making a point.

I’m going out doing my job and keeping my mouth shut, I know and my team mates will know what the real deal was and that’s all that matters I could care less if you never publicly praise me.

It’s all about personal pride…if you ain’t got that…you got nothin’.