Your Amateur Standing


Yesterday I attended a look at a pitcher who was using a private baseball facility. While standing there with others, a high school catcher came from out of the nets and went over next to me to the water bubbler. His father ( I assumed) came over and asked how things were going and did he need a break. The youngster looked sweaty, flushed faced and catching his breath.

I thought that to be odd, so just out of curiosity I asked the man that he was talking with, “How long has the youngster been in the nets?” I was told that his was his fifth pitcher. “He’s been at it since 9 this morning.” It was getting around noon and I was about to head out. I saw what I came for. Again, out of curiosity I asked “Why 9 pitchers?”

The youngster was getting $20 to be a catcher, per pitcher, for two coaches that were giving instructions.

Now here’s the thing about doing this. This may seem like an innocent way to make a buck - but, just be mindful of the qualifications to maintain your amateur status. Some colleges and certain institutions may have strict stipulations about that kind of thing - for money that is. Going one step further, I’d check with your area American Legion Commissioner also and get his response in writing…