Young Rocket

My son Aidan is 8 yrs old and was pitching and he was clocked at 61 mph. He has thrown 2 no hitters this year so far and his pitching has really improved from last year very accurate and high velocity. I think he’s throwing to hard but I ask him all the time if he is ok he always says yes and he continues to throw the heat!! I’m actually looking into finding a 10u team for him in the Des Moines Iowa area.

Not to bust your bubble but some kids, very few, just throw hard early becuase they have superior timeing and early athleticism. My youngest son was throwing 63 at 9U, throwing no hitters and being invited to pitch for top teams in big national tourneys. At 12 he is topping out at 66, which is still very good but not elite anymore.

My oldest son threw 64 in 13U and the summer before he turned 15 he topped 80.

Kids express their talent at different times. I think its a lot harder for the early phenom becuase they all get caught, the gap closes as everyone else matures. Helping them keep perspective and deal with no longer being so far ahead is a challenge.

You should anticipate that he may not gain a lot more in velo until puberty as he is already maximizing what his prepuberty body will do.

Thank you and I know he’s still developing and working on his mechanics. I’m just a proud dad and I enjoy working with my son every day being it be working out or stretching or even watching games live. Just making it fun because when I played baseball it was the best time growing up. From the sound of it you have a few kids that are very talented as well.

Its sounds like you are approaching it with the right mindset. Enjoy the ride, its a wonderful game that will help you teach your boy about life.