Young pitcher up for analysis!

Hey guys. Here is another one of the young pitchers from our travel team. I am posting this up for him and his father to get some analysis and improvement.
I had 3 camera angles on my last post, and I was planning to do the same this time around, unfortunately my battery died after getting only 1/2 of a pitch from the 3rd angle.

So here it is…

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Thanks Again,
Joe Martins

This guys making it to the bigs, don’t even know why I just have a feelin. Btw very composed look on the mound for such a youngster very good to see!

This kid does have a very live arm; one thing he could try to work on is stabilizing his glove side. Instead of letting him finish with his glove flying off behind him get him to keep his glove in front of him so it comes in to his sternum. Try telling him to bring his chest to his glove that will get him closer to the plate and increase his trunk flexion. But overall this kid looks really good and seems to throw hard with out using a lot of effort.

He looks good. My only comments are:

  1. His throwing arm motion is good, with good extension down and back - better than the throwing arm motion of your brother Luis, whose video you posted recently in another thread. Compare the bottom video of this pitcher with the middle video of Luis and you’ll see the difference.

  2. This pitcher’s stride appears to be quite short for his height. In the bottom video, his stride foot lands either on or short of the “hole” in the grass. That “hole”, and certainly short of that “hole”, appears to be significantly shorter in length than this pitcher’s height (height is a rough guide for a proper stride length).

He most certainly is very composed on the diamond. Not much bothers him, yet he is still very passionate about the game and works very hard.
Along with throwing very hard he is probably one of the better hitters in the state for our age group. He comes highly regarded.

Only problem I see is that he didnt get a ton of work in last year and would go quite some time without pitching in a game but then would be asked to come in with something like bases loaded in the bottom half of the last inning when we are up by 1 (bit of an exagerration but has happened).

He is a very very good pitcher but has control issues from time to time. What do you think that can be attributed to? Could it be just a lack of innings or might it be something in his mechanics?

Thanks for the comments guys, I am sure his dad will be thrilled to see them.
I also have encouraged him to register a username and come on here and ask a lot of questions.


Thank you for your comments. You guys provide an invaluable service on this board. Are there any particualr drills for controlling the glove hand or should he just try focusing on moving his sternum to the glove? He throws a lot of low strikes and when he misses he often misses low - I’m thinking because he may land too hard on his front foot.?