You'll be missed Lenny

I’d like to mention a portion of this game that really doesn’t get the attention that they should. The men and women that call the balls and strikes - safe and outs, and in particular a man by the name of Lenny Brickens. And on October 30, 2009, we lost one of the greats to wear the “Blue”, when Lenny Brickens passed away.

College posted a well written article about the man that I’d like to share with you.

Lenny served as the Missouri Valley Conference’s Baseball Coordinator of Umpires since 2006, began Umpires for Youth in 1971 and took over the Indianapolis Umpires Association (IUA) in 1973. He recruited, trained and scheduled umpires in central Indiana throughout all of those years. During his 40 year career, Lenny umpired all levels of baseball and had several appearances in NAIA World Series competitions, NCAA Division 1 Tournament, Division II and III College World Series, Missouri Valley Championship Series, and the Big Ten for many years. Lenny also represented the United States as an umpire at the Pan Am Games in Indianapolis, the Junior World Championships in Moncton, Canada, the European Olympic Championships in the Netherlands, and the World Baseball Championships in Taipai.

You will be missed Lenny.

Coach B.