You Don’t Have to Look That Far

In many parts of the world there are people who are hungry, going without, needing of one thing or another. You can send a donation, you can collect stuff, even get behind a desk and work a phone marathon to drum up some bucks. All good causes to be sure.

As you might take a interest in these things, stop for just a moment and simplify the entire process, if you can, and look no farther then down the street, possibly even next door.

There are folks not that far from you that could use just one box of cereal during the week, a pound of butter or cheese, possibly a gallon of milk. A few bucks for one or two items of groceries, or perhaps a box of laundry detergent can mean the world to many.

Now don’t go looking for an agency or nonprofit. In fact, don’t look any further than your own motivation - your own street and neighborhood for doing things yourself.

Talk it over with your entire family. Handle whatever your thinking of doing with class and
sensitivity. It’s all good stuff - trust me on this.

Coach B.