You can boost your velocity up by fixing mechanics!read

this is from the hardball times on pitcher Aaron Poreda

this is what will carroll said…

“Slow tempo, bad arm action, awkward mechanics. Poreda has reportedly topped out at 96-97mph, and (based on this video) I have no idea how he accomplishes it. Not with these mechanics…”

read this

"I stopped the animation (frames 32 and 33) for a reason. Maybe it’s the aesthetics of it, but those are positions that you don’t want to be in. Focus on his front shoulder…not good.
In the draft video, Poreda was working 87-90 so maybe this was early in the year before he adjusted his mechanics. That said, I’m willing to bet on two things on Poreda with the certainty that at least one of them will occur:

  1. He will lose his mid-90s velocity rather quickly.
  2. He will shred his arm.

He was at 87-90 mph range during this analysis…Similar to my area of velocity, and my mechanics look very similar. My shoulder flies open and my throwing arm stays far behind in a wrapping effect…

So now he tops out at 96-97, thats almost 10 MPH.

:slight_smile: thought you should read a little bit of this stuff

I don’t see much hip and shoulder separation. I see that his shoulders are opening along with the hips. He’s throwing with his arm only, almost “pushing” the ball. I also don’t see much external rotation, when the arm “lays back”. Which leads to no whip of the arm.

There’s certainly no way he can throw mid-90’s with that delivery. He had better increase that tempo and improve the arm action.