Yoli sports drink for pitching recovery and alkalization

Hey everyone just wanted to see if anyone has heard of or interested in Yoli. I came across it at the Minnesota State High School League Coaches Association baseball clinic a couple of weeks ago. It is a new sports drink that alkalizes your body without any of the real or harmful fake sugar or calories. After my first off-season throwing session since May and the first after my hip surgery on top of a weight training workout, I wasn’t sore on bit. It costs the same as Gatorade, Vitamin Water, or Powerade too.

Here is the site for more information: http://rs.yolilife.com/kvotaw

Anyone has any questions at all give me a shout, this stuff is pretty cool. Thanks.

What does anyone think about the acid/alkaline balance in our bodies and the foods we eat? Does it have a profound effect on performance and overall health?

Just a waste of money.