is yoga good for pitchers?

It can be very useful for the flexibility and balance. Doing 30 minutes of yoga after a pitching or strength training session would help “cool down” the muscles, with the added benefit of gaining flexibility.

Of course, the biggest benefit is the extremely hot yoga chicks. Go to any gym and you’ll find that you are the only male in a room filled with cute girls. Thats always a big plus :wink:

Yoga is a great thing and I enjoy it alot if you do it right then you will be able to create good muscle balance and core strength.

In what way does it achieve muscle balance?

With the postitions and exercsies you do it creates a balance in both sides. I have a dvd on it for baseball i think called power yoga for baseball it’s really good. It can help balance the body.

I dont think you can achieve muscle balance through isometric holds. At least, not in the popular definition of muscle balance. Yoga could be used to encourage muscular balance, but the process can be long and drawn out.

After reading through some summaries of Soviet strength coaches, I think that one of the best tools for muscular balance is through cross training and avoiding specializing in young athletes. Baseball, for example, encourages single side dominance due to throwing and swinging with a single side of the body. Sports like soccer and basketball use both sides of the body, and therefore can function as a re-balancing activity. I’ve been reading quite a bit of stuff by Scott Sonnon regarding the use of yoga and circular strength training as a means to break the various imbalances caused by sports. You might find it really interesting RIStar. Some of his stuff is “out there,” but you cant argue with his results. This video shows him doing some strength work:

wow some enderhance that guy has .

Yes you are right yoga would have to be done alot to create good muscle balance but yoga is good to do everyday and the yoga i do is not all isometric holds but there are movements.