Yoga for pitching? need help

My season has just started and I want to start to do yoga for pitching. Does this video look good?

And does anyone else know any other good yoga programs for baseball that I could buy.

The movements in the video are typical yoga movements. I doubt that the yoga moves in the video are specific to baseball much like a push up isn’t sport specific but rather a fitness exercise that builds upper body and core strength. If you can afford it, find a fitness instructor or a yoga class. A Public library may have yoga DVDs available as well.

Yoga is great for strength,balance and flexibility.

I just got done doing the yoga and i feel great it was very hard to do but i got through it fine. I think this yoga program is going to improve my preformance alot more then i ever thought it would.

More people need to be doing yoga and if you don’t then that means you don’t want a challenge because yoga can sometimes be harder then other workouts you might be using.

Pilates are extremely challenging too, what video are you using RIstar?

look up on what i out for the video it’s one of the first posts in this subject it’s power yoga for baseball by gwen lawerence she works for the new york yankees