Yet another view of that kid from Green Cove

Well this vid was produced by the incomparable Laflippin utilizing his video mastery…please feel free to chime in input…the final bit is Andy goofing off in the dugout after this appearance, which was against Westchester in the CCNYU League. They were 7-1 at the time and Andy got the victory in 5 innings w/6 k’s no runs.

At 2:52 he seems to bend a lot at the weist, yet at 3:28 it appears he doesn’t. I see more upright than down lower. Difference of pitches possibly? I’m not an expert but if there is that much of a difference, is there a possibility of him tipping a pitch. I know that good hitters don’t need something specific to see a different pitch, just a difference in the throw to pick up offspeed pitches.

He’s got good pitcher’s hair :slight_smile:

How hard can he bring it?

90, that day he was maybe 87 more like 85. He was actually still battling mono, this is the 5th inning and he was very tired.

He is a beast right now, got a thing or to to prove…unfinished business as they’d say in “Kill Bill”.

[quote]Pitchers hair [/quote]:lol:
He’s right proud of that stuff. I understand it causes some commotion amongst the girls with whom he is aquinted…or would like to be aquainted with him :wink: :lol: :lol:


It’s hard to argue with success but I’d like to see him get out over that front leg/foot more. Seems like he could move that release point 8" or more closer to home plate. That lessens batter reaction time and, more importantly, creates later movement.

Did he make a change to his glove side action? I seem to recall that he used to extend it out front during the stride. In this video, he tucks it more. Looks good, by the way.

Me too, I think him too. I think it a compensitory way (subconcious) of his constant speed change…and the fact his body was flat tired .
I’m going to go ahead and drop La’s slo-mo of it…My thanks to him for his really cool and great efforts

I’d personally like to see him get a bit more from his initial hip movement…without hosing what I consider pretty good timing, crazy as it sounds I think a mechanism that might work is bringing his hands up as a motion trigger (Sorta Maddux-esque over the head in a relaxed manner), imo it gives a pre-load to the torso and assists getting the hips moving forward

DM he’s made several adjustments I figure a couple more will happen this summer

Here he is looking imo much better…of course it ranked as one of his worst outings ever…talkin wierd here…what an opportunity to learn that was :shock:
Now I was gonna go ahead and drop it on another thread because I think it a fantastic piece of learning material on how to suppress a run game and why…but if you stick through it, at the very end you’ll see him more like I think is typical for him…1 sinker warming up