Yes he did! yes he did!


I have this pitcher, who has this pitch,
that makes every batter wince and twitch.
Now it’s not all that fast, nor is it all that slow,
it’s nether high, nor is it low.

This pitch looks so easy, as it comes in tight,
it looks so easy, as it dips to the right.
In fact when it’s high and level with the eye,
this pitch looks so easy, as easy as pie.

But as the batter gets ready to give it a ride,
he’ll hesitate for just a second, with a hold on his stride.
His bat will start moving with gusto and grace,
then a bit of “I’m not sure”, will squint on his face.

The bat is pulled back as the wrists checks its swing,
ah, but he’s past the point of return and that’s a sure thing.
For a moment in time, he’ll stand with a bat,
holding it tight, and slowly looks back.
“Has he seen it?” he’ll silently think to himself,
did he catch me with bat completing my clout?

The umpire stands up, and points to him thus,
and with steady voice he shouts out with gust!
And the batter looks back, like a lost lonely kid,
as the umpire shouts out…

Coach B

Variations on a theme…
The batter starts to swing, then holds up—but the pitch is in there anyway. We’ve all seen this countless times.
And here we have a variation of this: the batter starts to swing, then hesitates. Question: did he or didn’t he—go around? About as many times as not, the umpire will say, yes, he did go around, and he missed, it’s a strike.
A lot of the time when a batter starts to swing and holds up, that means he is looking for a particular pitch. Don’t give it to him. :slight_smile: