"yellow hammer" Curveball

I was reading the first post on this page about the “yellow hammer” and the big loopy one. Im kinda in the same boat. Currently, i throw the big loopy one and its worked out great, but i want that Felix Hernadez/Josh Beckett curveball becuase it is so dirrrrty. Do i have to do anything different with my arm slot/angle/grip or anything?


beckett uses the one finger grip
he uses the regular curveball grip but he lifts his index finger up

he also throw in the upper 90’s
so thats why it is so sharp

upper 90’s… no prob i throw average about 140. lol nahh i throw mid 70’s. Cant the one finger grip tip the pitch? Is there anything i can do like tilt my hand when i throw it or something?

beckett lifts it up but its not pointing up
he keeps it right there by his middle finger
just off the ball

oh. Is there a special way to throw it?

no just throw it like a regular curve
at first their will be some control problems but you will get it in about a week

do you know how he grips his curve. If your looking at the ball and there is a big U/ horseshow pointing up, i grip mine 2 fingers on the side of that seam. Hope thats not confusing.


copy and paste this link on your browser

its about the fourth pic


here it is

ive always thrown a big loopy curve, but the other night before a game i just held it normal and threw it like a fastball with a bit of the curve movement. i ended up with a beautiful hard curve. cant quite get it again though

My pitching coach told me the hard curve would come as I became more comfortable throwing the curveball and as I developed faster armspeed. Based on my experience I think arm speed it probably the most important thing for developing that hard curve.

I have noticed that right after long-toss, when I move to 55 feet and throw a curveball, it has much sharper break. I always took this to mean that I had more arm speed because I had just got through long-tossing (isn’t this what long-tossing does?). Does that sound right?

heres a good sharp 12-6 curve grip
get the to seam fastball grip
then move your index finger next to your middle finger
throw it over the top or high 3/4

it will be sharp because it is less friction
on that 1 seam

try different finger pressures if you are not getting that sharp break

Oh sweet. How did u figure this out?

trying different stuff and its makes sense
the less friction the faster the pitch

use this concept with any other curve grip
hold the ball out more on the fingertips

where you trying to be funny

nope lol. after reading it a second time i could see how it could be a little bit sarcastic but no. sorry