Yankees get Teixeira

Anyone else hate the way this is turning out? Buy championships much? Thoughts?

Seriously, I like the sound of a salary cap more and more every time thi Yankees go out and buy someone else.

What great pitching advice.


its lets talk pitching. Just curious on how pitchers look at this. haha

Well if I was a pitcher in the American League East I sure wouldn’t like this at all.

Heart wins championships, not money.

Throughout the history of baseball, teams have won championships in any number of ways, and purchasing players is just one of the ways. May I remind you that the Yankees started their run of championships with the purchase of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox? Maybe the money wasn’t the same, but the principle of the thing certainly was.
Now that this is settled, let’s talk pitching, shall we?

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Memo to jpeavy44:
You likey? Me likey too. Now that I have recovered from the shock of seeing this on ESPN News yesterday, I think that this was one of the best moves the Yanks have made. Teixeira is a slick-fielding, hard-hitting first baseman, exactly what they needed, and with him hitting behind A-Rod…this should prove extremely interesting.
Yesterday I took care of some errands, then went home, poured myself a glass of milk and sat down to watch TV. I turned on ESPN News just to see what was happening…and there it was. Breaking news. I was in shock the rest of the day, went around in a daze. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was—and I got to thinking about how, while everyone else (or so it seemed) was chasing after him the Yanks laid low, hiding in the grass and waiting. Remember the old folk story about the Tar-Baby? “He ain’t sayin’ nuthin’”—just waited. The Yanks were monitoring the whole situation…and then, when the moment was right, they moved in and grabbed themselves a first baseman.
Teixeira…C.C. Sabathia…A.J. Burnett…and they just re-signed Chien-Ming Wang for another year…yes, me likey very much. One sportswriter called Tex a throwback, a reincarnation of Lou Gehrig in demeanor as well as in style of play. I’ll tell you one thing, I would NOT like to pitch to that guy.
Happy holidays. :smiley:

All this does is guarantee an MVP for Arod, not a championship. To win a title you have to have some guts, and I haven’t seen any in years from most of these Yankee players. We’ve all seen what CC has done in his post season days, the yanks still need a guy with some nuts.

I agree somewhat hammer. But I have to say that CC has the heart to win it all this season, and more than likely the next 6. From what I’ve seen of him on YES Network he wants nothing short of a championship. He got out of Cleveland and Milwaukee because he wants a championship. Personally, i think the Yanks see it as most of the fans. They are tired of sucking. They know what they’ve done to the Yankee franchise is a disgrace. I think that they are definitely the team to watch next season.

Ofcourse they are a team to watch, they have the four highest paid players in the league! With several others that make more than ten mill a year. In no way shape or form does this mean they’ll win a title next year, let alone the next six, that’s a ridiculous statement. Ofcourse CC wants a title, but he’s had a couple good chances in Cleveland and with the Brewers and has been pathetic in the playoffs. They should have signed Derek Lowe, a guy with some guts and has pitched well his whole playoff career.

I think that the Yankees will be better, but the rays and red sox are still better then them. The yankees offense is great, but their pitching staff isn’t as good as people say it will be. CC is an Ace, but how will he handle pitching in New York? AJ Burnett will not stay healthy and he is a bad guy in the clubhouse, Wang is okay, Joba I think is overrated, and Hughes and Kennedy haven’t proven themselves yet. Meanwhile both boston and Tampa have deep and better rotations: Beckett, Lester, Dice-K and Garza, Shields and Kazmir are better then New York. Great offense, not very deep staff and bullpen, sounds like this years Tigers.l

Welcome back Kaz.

Oh, and this Yankee team will be way better than this years Tigers. Now that was a pathetic team.

P.S. Fix your sig, you spelled your boy’s name wrong.


P.S. Fix your sig, you spelled your boy’s name wrong.[/quote]

I did?

I will agree the yankees are better than the tiger, I guess I am just trying to say, don’t say they are the favorites. Rays were in the world series, and the red sox had a bunch of injuries and still almost made it to the world series.

I am sick of the yankees outspending everybody, baseball needs a cap.

for your pitching problem, I suggest you defect into Cuba if you hate what is going on with capitalist country.

food there isn’t bad I heard


P.S. Fix your sig, you spelled your boy’s name wrong.[/quote]

I did?


Comeon Kaz, don’t play me for a fool. You fixed it though, good work. I played against Jon for a year, a nice right handed setup man.

I saw somewhere that the amount of $ the yankees have spent is more than 9 times as much as the Rays starting salary total last year, and they could afford to buy the Florida Marlins and Florida Dolphins organizations or something like that. Rediculous

I can’t think of a better place for the owner’s to put their money than in the player’s bank accounts. Well , my bank account but that ain’t happenin. At least some of these guys donate alot to charity. The owners…back in the day didn’t exactly make things cushy for the players. Kudos to Teixiera and all those that come after him.

As for the Yankees…"To whom much is given, much is required. "

you can expect that coming from a redsox fan[quote]Beckett19[/quote]

yankees going all the way no doubt
who can match up with them