Yankees Fri./ Red Sox next Fri

Just throwing this out there, in case any of you will be there, too… I’ll be at Yankee stadium tomorrow night, Friday, April 6, to see Moose pitch against the Orioles. Then on Friday, April 13, I’ll be at Fenway to see the Red Sox battle the Angles. If you’re going to be at any of these venues, too, I’d love to stop by and say hi! PM me.

Hey you should have gotten tickets to red sox and yankees even though we know yankees will win 8)

The yanks are my favorite team, I wish I could go :cry: I live on the other side of the country :cry:

your missing out being there its so electric so much energy and excitement around you its great i love goin to the games

i wish i lived closer, im in oriole, phillie, and pirate land as far as the major league teams go.

hey steve 3 words: come to toronto!!! lol good luck with that but those are the only games i go to all other stadiums are over 4 hours away from me… in fact the rogers centre is an hour away so thats difficult sometimes to