Yankee Stadium + Playoffs

First, as a die-hard Yankees fan, Goodbye to the greatest stadium in sports - Yankee Stadium. New one looks great, but still 85 years of greatness will be demolished over the offseason. Big Yankees win today, Mo to close it out (they said he will pitch the 9th no matter what)!

Playoffs: here are my predictions –
Rays over White Sox, 3-1.
Angels over Red Sox, 3-2.

Angels over Rays, 4-3 (great series for the history books).

Cubs over Phillies, 3-2.
Dodgers over Mets, 3-1 (Manny goes nuts and Johan gets the only Mets W).

Cubs over Dodgers, 4-1 (Manny can’t hold the team through a 7 game set, Billingsley goes 1-1).

Angels over Cubs, 4-2 (E Santana tosses a no-hitter after Aramis Ramirez is sidelined for the series after being hit by a pitch in the hand).

I won’t prognosticate, you have an interesting scenario…It always comes down to pitching (Including the bull pen), I think that gives the edge to my Cubs…we’ll see

did anybody see on sportscenter today they showed the door at the yankees visitors clubhouse that was signed by every player that played there this year. it was crazy signatures all over. i wonder how much thats worth.

On May 10th, 1968 I grabbed my Milt Pappas (Last Cubs No - Hitter before Zambrano and Roger Maris’s 59th home run all fast balls that Milt threw intentionally) signature pitcher’s mitt and jumped in my dad’s car; destination Forbes Field. I watched the Pirates defeat the Phillies 2-1, Veale got the win, Fyman the loss. Two years later Forbes Field would be torn down in favor of Three Rivers Stadium :rofl2: . My dad didn’t know it then but the gift he gave me by taking me to the park for my ninth birthday was the one that lasted my entire lifetime. That day I saw Alou, Stargell, Rojas, ,Callison, Allen, Wine, Clendenon, Mazeroski, Mota, Face and Alley to name a few.

When I watch the game tonight at Yankee Stadium, I’ll be looking for all those kids whose dads, moms, grandpaps, grandmas, brothers, sisters, took them to a game they’ll never forget the rest of their lives. A priceless gift. Thanks Dad and I Miss You!


I have been a season ticket holder since 2004, but I remember my first game when I was 3. I went with my uncle and dad, both longtime Yankees fans, and it was just a great experience. I have had the great opportunity to go to the Stadium over 100 times living in NYC, and it’s so sad to see it go. I’ve seen the “Who’s your daddy?” game (Game 2 of the 2003 ALCS), multiple walk-off HRs, Melky’s catch robbing Manny of a game-winning HR, and countless other great games. My dad, on the other hand, went to Chambliss’s walkoff HR to win the pennant, the last game of Yankee Stadium before its renovation, and Reggie Jackson’s 3 HR game in the World Series.

So many great games were played and, being just 14 I should have many more opportunities in the new stadium. Let’s hope for a great W tonight, although a Game 7 World Series win would be the absolute best to send off the greatest stadium in sports.

yankees won! :smiley: