Yall ugly

now that i got ur attention

can someone explain to me on pitching mechanics?

everything about them… i dont have a clue really :expressionless:

lol nice heading :stuck_out_tongue:

wat do you mean you dont know about pitching mechanics?

uh What?

Come again…


i dont know a whole bunch about it

im working on my mechanics all day tomorrow cause i have nothing to do

so i was wondering if i could learn something tonight and utilize it tomorrow

Wind up (3/4, over hand)
1.the placement of the feet should be shoulder distance apart. -for balance
2.knee lift should be high (anything above waist high) -for generating momentum
3. Your balance should be slightly behind your belly botton
4.glove hand infront of the body -helps with balance and pulling the ball down
5. Make the FlexT; as in glove arm, chest and throwing arm are aligned. -for balanc e and momentum
6. hips drive to the plate -again momentum.
7. have good shoulder-hip rotation. The hip should be slightly infront of the shoulders
8.Have good stride 90-100% for body length
9. Throw the ball while pushing the ball off the tips of your fingers.

Thats so hard to do lol

I wish you lived nearer to me so we could work on this shit together, I have no one to work with.

[ADMIN EDIT. Keep it pitching, not personal. --Steven Ellis]

[ADMIN EDIT Keep it pitching, not personal. --Steven Ellis]

Cheers, I wish i lived in america to so i could play baseball all the time. Here we have a game a week and only one training a week, which makes it bloody hard to get good. Its good tho that i understand wat mechanics are used in pitching, but practice is better than theory.

Anyways was there anything else u guys needed?