Yahoo's take on mike Marshall

This article was just extremely great to read. I wish they had more videos thouggh

i never knew this motion looked so…funky…i’ve never seen it

The breaking balls look OK but the fastball looks not too fast and flat.

Marshall doesn’t claim to have used his current mechanics back when he pitched, does he? This seems ambiguous to me because on one hand they talk about how much he threw back when he was pitching but on the other hand they talk about how he got his PhD and figured out his current mechanics model AFTER his pitching career was over.

[quote=“CADad”]The breaking balls look OK but the fastball looks not to fast and flat.[/quote] I was thinking the same thing. Granted, we’re looking at high-speed video, but it looks VERY slow. I’d be surprised if these guys were able to throw 90 – or even 85 – with these mechanics. And does the current major league pitcher (who’s a student of Marshall’s) mentioned in the article pitch with these mechanics in the majors?

No it was a puff piece. None of the critical potential questions were asked and only Marshalls normal marketing technique were included. It really kinda plays to the modern reporter…bucks the establishment, rebel, non-conformist, just “not undestood”, how if only we’d listen, Mike, Dr. Mike, Mr. Mike, Guru Mike, why all arm injury on earth today would be swept away…if only we’d be like he, we’d all throw 95 and have “The greatest curve on earth”. It’s a conspiracy, why all of those CAPITALIST team owners just love losing money on injury and Marshall is blackballed because…well…he is darn it, owners hate him and don’t want to make more money. Why those six “Top-flight” students they will “sarcrifice”, so they too can understand and be the greatest pitchers on earth.

The curveball and screwball (especially the one viewed from the front in super slow motion) are nasty. Definite plus pitches. Also, notice that the curve is thrown by pronating, not by supinating, the forearm.

However, the fastball comes in on a rail and would get killed. The only way that pitch would work is off of a plus plus change-up.

I think the main reason major league baseball hasn’t embraced his concept is because by the time guys start playing in the majors they are making alot of money because they CAN pitch. Changing one’s style to that extreme might #1 not be worth it and #2 make him a bad pitcher. would you be willing to kill someone’s career when theyve gotten so far? If they blow out their arm it will be a blowout using their mechanics.

There’s also the problem of pitching coaches not knowing what to do if a guy starts having problems with his mechanics.

Read the article Gotty…Marshall wants “some team” to invest in extrordinary talent and just send them to him…so he can “experiment”…acts like for some reason it is his “right” for them to do so…I think he’d have a whole lot more than 6 active students…if it worked, just by word of mouth…I mean the original 6 tell…how many a hundred?..I mean they are throwing 95+ with “amazing” breaking stuff…don’t you think they would mention it to “someone”? And as a veteran of this board…You yourself know that if you “claim” you can increase velocity (95+…for everybody!!) conventional wisdom or not you’d have HUNDREDS…THOOUSANDS lining up at the gate THROWING MONEY…begging to spend how ever many months do whatever they do there. All those photos showed me was a pathetic run down ramshackle sideshow. Why if Sparks hadn’t threatened to beat the crud out of some manager…well his wall wouldn’t have enough room for all of those Cy Young awards he “should” have won. I hope the guys working with him have no bad thing happen to them, they are giving it their best shot…I believe reaching for their dreams…I’d never knock that, and Sparks made the bigs…Anyone has to respect that, Mike Marshall was one of the first and proto-typical relievers, I believe he was a really good verging on great player, a fierce competitor…still is. The rest? Well I’ve made up my mind obviously, I hope anyone reading this just looks into it with an open mind and a scientific skepticism and let them come to yours and their own conclusions.

[quote=“GottyJ”]I think the main reason major league baseball hasn’t embraced his concept is because by the time guys start playing in the majors they are making alot of money because they CAN pitch.[/quote]Although that may be why those already in the bigs don’t flock to MM and change everything that got them there, I believe that the real reason you don’t see any MLB examples of pitchers who grew up in MM’s camp is because:

#1 They haven’t been able to actually achieve the mechanics that MM writes about; AND

#2 they haven’t been able to achieve velocities that approach what the traditional method has proven itself to be capable of.

As I’ve said many times before, it’s been a lot of talk with no proof of performance.

Curve looks a little loopy to me.

Good to see you’re still hanging around. I haven’t seen you post in a while.

Well I have to admit that I’m 100% with DM on that last…glad to see you posting palo…The curve…shes loopy…the schtick…shes old…Marshall? Well…

go to
and go to the side bar where the vids are and it shows jeff sparks pitching in the majors

Thanks guys, I’ve been reading the posts, just haven’t had as much time to post.

For the record, I’ve talked to many people who have played with or coached Jeff Sparks and they all say that his stuff is nasty. He’s clearly the best pitcher Marshall has produced, but I wouldn’t go so far as saying he’s the best pitcher in the world.

I will go so far as to say that, although Sparks does have some great movement, he does not emody the ideals of Marshall’s writings. Marshall has changed some of his writing lately, though. The extreme linear motion he spoke so much about (you know, Newton says to do that 8) ) is not what Sparks does. Most of Sparks’ motion is very rotational. The straight line “driveline” from MM’s “ready position” to release just isn’t there.

One thing is certain, technical expertise doesn’t translate to being a bona fide mlb pitcher. If you have nasty stuff and cannot work within a program, you end up working at Lowes. I think this is one of the fatal flaws of Marshall, it’s his way or the highway…and well, looks like Hwy 301 isn’t in a very affluent neigborhood out there in Z-hills…

I have done some studying of his STUPID IDEA’s and I have noticed that maxline does have “REVERSE FOREARM BOUNCE” and that in his theory of mechanics the pitcher does have any REVERSE FOREARM BOUNCE.
another thing is The Pronation Curve if you look really slow and pause it right at the time it leaves his hand he throw it the same way as every one else throws a curve but does late pronation.

DR.RETARD has NO NO NO NO clue about how to eliminate injury.

This might sound crazy to you all, but I have spent the last 4 hours reading and researching a lot of what Mike has to say, and I don’t see a problem with a lot of it.

I’m from the school of being like a sponge and absorbing as much information as possible and sorting it out to my best interests. This might sound crazy…but what if he is right? Or even close? He doesn’t claim to be perfect, or have the perfect delivery…he himself says it changes yearly based on what he has learned from that years students. Imagine if he had 100 students, and not the ones nobody else wanted, but the real top of the barrel prospects…

You are all very quick to blast him and his teachings, but honestly most of you sound completely ignorant on what he is really saying and working towards. Don’t be so quick to put somebody out for different thoughts, think of where the world, let alone this country would be if thats what everyone did for the past couple hundred years. (Maybe where baseball is, having the same problem with pitchers they have had for a hundred years.)

DR.RETARD has NO NO NO NO clue about how to eliminate injury.[/quote]

Right, cause his personal track record doesn’t speak for itself…