XV new comparison idea for you

was reading lincicum topic about momentum pitching. check out brandon morrows hips and tims hips the shoulder separation is pretty similar. makes me wonder if youd rather classify tim as just having good hip shoulder seperation as apose to just direct momentum pitching.

you are probaly right

lincecum is small 5’11 less than 220(about 140-170)
so he cant generate alot of momentum
read my post in the article about tim lincecum
i just posted it today

How much does he weigh exactly

5’11 170

I’ve looked at Morrow a lot and he does have a great amount of separation. He also gets the back foot turned over onto the toes early like Lincecum.

Don’t think I forgot about this. It’s been in the back of my mind. Finally got around to it. Here it is.

niiiiice post xv

xv you are now officially my favorite poster on this site