XMO Super Slow Motion clips

This camera is amazing! I have some here on my pc, does anyone have any other clip on XMO?

PS: I have more hitting clips in super slow motion. If you want, I may put them up also.

This is japanese pitcher Yu Darvish:

Jonathan Sanchez super slow - back view:

Tim Lincecum .gif slow motion closed side:

Tim Lincecum .gif open side:

K-Rod’s curveball .gif file:

Clayton Kershaw .gif file:

Joel Zumaya .gif:

Roger Clemens’ slider .gif:

Jeff Weaver side view .gif:

Jeremy Bonderman side .gif:

So, do you have any other XMO clip? Please upload it :smiley:

Zumaya’s motion put a lot of strain on his elbow. I don’t think Guitar Hero was the problem.

Omg that zumaya vid is awful, no wonder he is always on the DL

Why is that?

Zumaya blew out his arm last night, looked pretty painful. Hopefully he makes a change in his delivery so he can finally have one season where he’s not on the DL.