WTH Kinda Pitch Is THIS!?

So after I came home from practice, I came on here to pester you lot with my drivel. And then I decided to get some extra practice in. I had got my work in and after that was just messing around with different pitches and grips. You know, might as well have fun and experiment a little while you have the time.

So I thought that instead of gripping the ball with the first two fingers, I’d grip it with the ring and pinky fingers and throw it that way. When I did, it felt like the ball squirted out of my fingers and sailed about 7-8 up in the air before breaking down and away like a curveball. But when I say break, I mean it had cartoon break. Thing went from around 7 feet to just low and outside the strikezone.

So what the hell did I throw anyway? I know I didn’t just discover some new pitch out of the blue. It has to have done before, I don’t recall ever seeing anything like it.

Here’s the grip:

My son says it looks like a knuckle curve.

It probably is. There are several ways to throw a knuckle-curve, and this may be just one of them. Experiment with it and see what you can do with it. 8)

A Knuckle Curve, eh?

That is SWEET! This will mark the day I first learned how to throw a curve (long story short- I threw what I thought was a curve for years. Turned out it was a screwball).

Will definitely work this into my “arsenal”. Thanks for the info, and if anyone has any more, feel free to share :slight_smile: